The Legal Drafter can draft your family law agreement into a formal document to file with the Family Court without the high costs of a law firm.


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At The Legal Drafter we will help you to select the correct court documents for your matter and navigate the court system.


Family Law Consent Orders

At The Legal Drafter we will prepare and draft your legal and/or court documents for you.


We are a family law legal drafting service.  We provide legal advice in certain circumstances.

Legal Drafting

ABOUT LEGAL DRAFTING: Correctly drafted legal documents, such as an Affidavit or Consent Orders can be instrumental to the quick and desirable resolution of your matter. Too often, people without experience in legal drafting will include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their legal documents, instead of focusing on facts relevant to their matter.  Well written and accurate documents supporting your matter will give the court the best possible view of your position.

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Melita Lloyd – BA | MCrim | JD | GradDipLP

Legal Drafter & Lawyer

Melita has practised almost exclusively in Family Law since she was admitted to practice in 2011. She has also worked in criminal law and as a Legal Aid duty lawyer. Melita is authorised to engage in practice as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and is also admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. Melita holds a current practising certificate for 2019 - 2020. She is a member of the Queensland Law Society (QLS); Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA); and Women On Boards and previously volunteered at the Women's Legal Service.


jennifer cox
jennifer cox
10:32 30 May 19
Incredibly fast turn around! Thank you so much Melita. You have saved me so much time and literally thousands of dollars.
Alistair Wickham
Alistair Wickham
07:03 28 Apr 19
I had gone to a local family lawyer for a one hour introductory chat and was quoted 000's to prepare the same documents that my Ex and I had mutually agreed on, and it was going to take around 6 weeks just to get to the point to be able to file. Also if you go that path your partner will no doubt employ a lawyer to make sure they aren't being stitched up. All we needed were the documents in a form acceptable to the courts, we didn't want advice or lawyers chewing up the money trying to do the best for "their" clients. Melita did what we wanted for a fraction of the price, was fast, easy to deal with, and the whole process from start to end only took a few days. Highly recommend if you have mutual agreement with your former spouse.
Sam R
Sam R
03:40 14 Jan 19
Attempting to do my own consent orders I found was a hugely complex and daunting task. Going to my lawyer just to get what my ex-wife and I agreed formalised, was shaping up to be a costly process. I’m so glad I found Melita; She charged a fixed fee, answered all of my many queries, prepared the complex documents on my behalf and offered to make any adjustments free of charge if the courts did not accept the way we had proposed our finances were to be divided. The service Melita offers is nothing short of excellent. If you are able to come to an amicable agreement with your ex-partner, don’t try and prepare these documents yourself; you’ll find The Legal Drafter is by far the best option available.
Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies
02:31 02 Dec 18
Very helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating, I couldn't recommend a The Legal Drafter highly enough. Thank you for all your help!
Tracey Size
Tracey Size
10:48 27 Nov 18
By contacting The Legal Drafter service & from the initial phone call until the process was finalized this service was not only professional but I felt we were being looked after & not left alone during what can be a very unsettling & stressful time. I will recommend this service to others. Very reliable & quick to reply to ALL my questions ( which were a few). Thank you once again Melita.
Marcia Mellor
Marcia Mellor
03:35 21 Nov 18
I am extremely satisfied with my decision to use Melita's services in filing consent orders. I found her to be extremely responsive with my enquiries and she always ensured I understood the process. I would 100% recommend Melita to anyone who wanted a prompt, knowledgeable and supportive legal professional to help them achieve a successful outcome.
10:22 20 Nov 18
The Legal Drafter provided me with peace of mind. Having an amicable separation we both wanted to save on legal fees and drafted the documents ourselves however we weren't 100% confident in what we had drafted. We were very happy with Melita. She provides a great service and a very quick turnaround. I would not hesitate in recommending her to others.
Rowan Peterson
Rowan Peterson
05:27 20 Nov 18
My experience with The Legal Drafter was excellent and I am very happy to refer them. Getting to the ‘drafting Consent Orders’ stage really is the finish line after a confusing, painful and expensive (need I add any more cliches) process. The Legal Drafter was the opposite; direct and efficient...how refreshing. There were no large legal firm delays and costs, just responsive legal expertise to get the document done. And that sense of closure is absolute bliss.
Emma Brunello
Emma Brunello
05:28 16 Nov 18
An excellent service. Fast, and extremely professional. Highly recommend!
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher
11:36 03 Nov 17
A long overdue concept. Looking forward to seeing this platform grow.


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The Legal Drafter is an experienced family lawyer who can draft your legal documents for family law matters.  Whether you have reached an agreement and are applying to the Family Court for Consent Orders or proceeding to court, we can assist you with the preparation and filing of your court documents.

Legal Drafting – Why You Need Correctly Drafted Court Documents

Correctly drafted court documents can be instrumental to the quick and desirable resolution of your matter. Many of the court forms are self-explanatory, and the court’s websites provide brief instructions on filling out many forms. However, the documents you file are of critical importance. Consent Orders or other court documents you are seeking from the court are the judge’s first exposure to your matter.  In the words of a Federal Circuit Court judge, His Honour Judge Jarrett –

The impact of a well drawn affidavit is your first attempt at advocacy and the impact of that can’t be underestimated.

Too often, people without experience in legal drafting will include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their court documents instead of focusing on facts relevant to their matter.

Well written and accurate documents supporting your matter will give the court the best possible view of your position. This will then make any court appearance easier for you and prevent any unnecessary delays during the court process.  It will also prevent your Consent Orders being returned to you because they aren’t correctly drafted.

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