Family Court

Are You Representing Yourself in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court?

With the current strain on the economy, the high cost of legal representation coupled with the lengthy delays in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court, more and more people are representing themselves in court to resolve their property settlement and parenting arrangement.

To assist unrepresented parties or self-represented litigants in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court, there are a range of volunteer, government and community based organisations that can assist parties with the legal process and provide legal advice.  Unfortunately, these organisations don’t have the resources to draft legal documents.

Correctly drafted legal documents, such as the orders you are seeking from the Court or Affidavit can be instrumental to the quick and desirable resolution of your matter. Too often, people without experience in legal drafting will include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their legal documents, instead of focusing on facts relevant to their matter.  Well written and accurate documents supporting your matter will give the Court the best possible view of your position.  Incorrectly drafted legal documents may place the parties at risk of a miscarriage of justice and effect the Judge’s ability to make a decision that provides a ‘just and equitable‘ property settlement and parenting orders that are in the ‘best interests‘ of the child.

Our Legal Drafter can assist you with the drafting of your legal documents.  Please contact us for a Fixed Fee.

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