What is a Child Support Agreement?

A child support agreement is a written agreement between parents on the amount of child support payable and how it will be paid. There are two types of agreements:


Limited Child Support Agreement
  • can be accepted if there is a child support assessment in place with Services Australia – Child Support and the annual rate payable under the agreement is equal to, or more than, the annual rate of child support payable under the child support assessment. You are not required to get legal advice before entering into a limited agreement, however, you can choose to do so.
Binding Child Support Agreement
  • can be made and accepted even if a child support assessment has not been made. The agreement can be made for any amount that the parents agree to. The parents must each obtain independent legal advice before entering into the agreement and attach a certificate that is completed and signed by each parent and their legal practitioner.

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(Source: Services Australia – Child Support)

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