The Legal Drafter is an experienced family lawyer who can draft your family law legal documents.  We specialise in the drafting of Consent Orders Australia wide.

We draft the court documents you want, whether you have reached an agreement or not, saving you money that will be better spent on you and your family’s future.

We only offer legal advice when specifically requested, so our fees to you are cost effective.

Correctly drafted court documents can be instrumental to the quick and desirable resolution of your matter. Many of the court forms are self-explanatory and the court website provides brief instructions on filling out many forms. However, the documents you file are of critical importance.

Too often, people without experience in legal drafting will include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their court documents instead of focusing on facts relevant to their matter.  For example, if the information in your Consent Orders is not drafted in the correct legal terms, your documents will be sent back to you.

We know what facts and information best supports your matter and will ensure all the important and relevant information you provide to us is included to support your matter.

It will save you money and time to have The Legal Drafter draft your family law documents for you. When you have well prepared court documents your matter will run more efficiently.


To have a plan on what is the best strategy for you and your family.


Be certain about what you want to achieve from your legal documents.


Consent Orders drafted in 24 hours.


The first step is to contact us.


Know how much your matter will cost you.


We will help you to save time and money.


Divide - Simple Financial Separation

Divide offers a unique way to complete a financial separation in Australia, simply. We believe the financial settlement process is primarily a financial and administrative process and it only becomes a legal process if one of the parties wants it to be. We are Chartered Accountants and so do not act for one party, but rather provide support to both parties to allow you to reach your own agreement.

Child Support Consultants

Child Support ConsultantsChild Support Consultants is a privately-owned professional consultancy not affiliated with Services Australia Child Support, founded by child support subject matter expert Crystal Lauren Paduch to help separated parents who are struggling to understand the complexities and intricacies of child support processes, policy and legislation or feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused by their child support case and unsure of the best options for their specific and unique circumstances.







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