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Consent Orders Rejected by the Family Court?

Did you receive a requisition letter from the Family Court saying that your proposed Consent Orders “are unenforceable in that the Orders are not drafted in a manner capable of being made as orders of the Family Court”?

If you answered Yes, let us help you re-draft your proposed Consent Orders so they will be accepted by the Family Court.

Correctly drafted Consent Orders can be instrumental to the quick and desirable resolution of your matter. Too often, people without experience in legal drafting will include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their legal documents or omit vital information.  Well written and accurate documents supporting your matter will give the court the information required to approve your proposed Consent Orders for property settlements and parenting arrangements.

Our process is easy and straightforward!


Consent Orders


12 thoughts on “Consent Orders Rejected by the Family Court?
  1. If the father has agreed to give full parental respisibility to the mother with visits privately arranged between the parties is this likely to be rejected by the court?

    1. Hi Lill

      Thank you for your enquiry. We have sent you an email.

      Warm Regards

      1. Hi there,
        In same boat as Lill and very interested to know response to this question please?

        1. Hi Rachel

          Thank you for your enquiry. It will depend on the circumstances of your case. Please call our Legal Drafter to discuss further.

          Warm regards
          The Legal Drafter

  2. Hi,
    I have already gone to court once for a recovery order and favoured the father. But i have rights every second weekend . But my son is not allowed to be around my husband. I have spoken to the father and he agrees to have in writing that he allows my son to be around my husband can i do that filing for consent orders?. Or do we still need to go to court?

    1. Hi Sam

      Thank you for your enquiry. We have sent you an email in response to your query.

  3. Our consent orders have now been rejected twice. I want to take the kids on a lap around Australia which will take a year. The father has agreed. The court keeps rejecting the clause saying 12 months is too long and will impact the relationship with the father, thus not in the children’s best interest. what can i do? can the court forbid me from travelling even if the father agrees?

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your enquiry. We have sent you an email.

      Warm regards

  4. My partners xwife is making it very difficult for him to see His daughter. She allows it only one time a week after keeping the child separated from the father for 2.5 years in her prime young years. He has been paying child support since the break up of the marriage. The mother took the child without consent overseas and he was not aware of his child being overseas until very late.
    The mother has enrolled the daughter in a private school as a means to get money from the father and 3 weeks later removed her from that school without the father consent or knowledge.

    There are no parenting orders in place- and previously the father has tried mediation and she didn’t turn up nor will she ever turn up instead she removes the child from the known address when she is up against the wall.

    The father has no avos or family orders of any sort against him. What can we do? The situation is now severe and the parents can not communicate at all.

    1. Hi there

      Thank you for your query. We have sent you an email.

      Warm regards

  5. I’ll understand if you cannot clarify a terminology in a Family Court Consent Order. I’m enquiring on behalf of my daughter. Court orders defined that proceeds from the sale of investment property were to be set aside for payment of Capital Gains Tax.
    My daughter has a 1% ownership and the ex has 99%. When estimating the CGT amount the ex husband’s accountant has included the 2% Medicare Levy. My daughter needs every cent she is entitled to (earns $45k v his $135k) as soon as possible. There is no mention of payment for the Medicare Levy in the order – just a very clear statement on CGT. Is she required to make allowance for his Medicare Levy and agree to set it aside together with the estimate for CGT. I thank you in anticipation of your help.

    1. Hi John
      Thank you for your enquiry. Your daughter will need to seek the advice of an accountant. We are unable to assist with taxation enquiries.
      Warm regards
      The Legal Drafter

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