3 Reasons to have Correctly Drafted Court Documents

Correctly drafted court documents can be instrumental to the quick and desirable resolution of your matter. Many of the court forms are self-explanatory, and the court’s websites provide brief instructions on filling out many forms. However, the documents you file are of critical importance. Your affidavit and the orders you are seeking from the court are the judge’s first exposure to your matter.

Reason #1: It will save you money to have The Legal Drafter draft your court documents for you. When you have well prepared court documents your case will run more efficiently and it will keep the judge happy!

Reason #2: Well written and accurate documents supporting your matter will give the court the best possible view of your position.

Too often, people without experience in legal drafting will include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their court documents instead of focusing on facts relevant to their matter.

We know what facts and information best supports your case and will ensure all the important and relevant information you provide to us is included to support your argument to the best of your ability.

Reason #3: A quicker resolution of your matter by having correctly drafted court documents will make any court appearance easier for you and prevent any unnecessary delays during the court process.